The leaks from the online congress of the ruling SDSM party continues. Several snips from the congress, which was apparently secretly recorded, were shared yesterday showing a dire warning from Radmila Sekerinska, who left as deputy leader of the party.

Other leaks showed party delegates protesting the removal of officials who stood up to Zoran Zaev, such as Stojko Paunovski and Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski.

In response, the social media account that was sharing the leaks was suspended from Facebook. But the account is back today, sharing comments from a party delegate from the rural, majority Turkish and Muslim Macedonian area of Centar Zupa. Delegate Hazafer Amrulovski tells party leader Zaev that “The top officials of the party, the appointed officials in the public administration, they forgot with suffering and dedication they got their positions. They only look after their own interests now”, Amrulovski is heard telling Zaev. He is obviously protesting the fact that party loyalists who participated in the Colored Revolution were left out in the distribution of top positions in the public administration.

It’s expected that the leaks from the congress will continue to be shared online.