Financial Police Director Arafat Muaremi will file a criminal complaint by the end of the week against prosecutors Vilma Ruskovska, Ivana Trajceva and Elizabeta Josifovska for “abuse of official position and authority” and “falsification of official document.”

At a press briefing today at the Financial Police Administration, director Muaremi clarified that he submitted complaints to the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Macedonia, to the Council of Public Prosecutors and to the Judicial Council, not because Vilma Ruskovska acted on the report she received against him, but about the way and the illegality of the action.

The prosecutor’s office for organized crime and corruption submits false and untrue data to the court, just to get the search warrant. It is fraud and falsification of a document. The search warrant includes a reasonable suspicion that I have committed the crime of receiving a reward for unlawful influence. Vilma Ruskovska without having a single proof, without providing a single proof, to the Court, and in the public accuses me of having committed a crime, says Muaremi.