Timco Mucunski, who is the VMRO-DPMNE International Secretary, says that VMRO-DPMNE was given full support among the fellow conservative, EPP party members, to advance Macedonia quickly toward the EU and to root out corruption following the coming general elections in 2020.
Mucunski had meetings at the European Parliament with EPP representatives such as David McAllister, Karlo Ressler and Paulo Rangel, as the European Council in Luxembourg refused to give Macedonia a date to open accession talks.

During the meetings, the dominant opinion was that it would be good if the Republic of Macedonia opens its accession talks as soon as possible, but also to conduct expedited reform laws and strict implementation. Mucunski informed the interlocutors about the widespread corruption which will have to be systematically rooted out by the next, VMRO-DPMNE Government. The interlocutors assuered VMRO-DPMNE that it will have the fullest support to fast-track the Republic of Macedonia toward EU membership once it forms the Government following the next elections, the opposition party said in its press release.