VMRO-DPMNE official Timco Mucunski said that the PPO law on state prosecutors, such as it is proposed, will protect criminals from prosecution and violates basic European standards.

We need to show that we adhere to European values, but the Parliament is faced with a law that clearly violates them. It will provoke a direct amnesty of criminals and violates all the principles which SDSM claimed to uphold while it was in the opposition, Mucunski said in an interview with Telma TV.

The law will strengthen the political stranglehold over the judiciary, giving the ruling SDSM party even greater control over prosecutors, despite the growing scandals that point to abuse of the service for racketeering and political purposes. Mucunski pointed out that the way the PPO law is proposed violates a number of laws. The Government officially proposes the law to the Parliament, but after the DUI party rejected the proposal, it was hastily withdrawn yesterday and then re-submitted, without having the second version of the law adopted by the Government.

Regarding the name issue, Mucunski said that VMRO-DPMNE will reverse the imposed Prespa treaty if it has the necessary number of votes in Parliament. While this option is unlikely, Mucunski said that he is certain that his generation will eventually be able to restore the name – Republic of Macedonia.