VMRO-DPMNE official Timco Mucunski said that the opposition party will continue to oppose the adoption of laws that are harmful for Macedonia. VMRO and other opposition parties are jointly rejecting the demand from the ruling SDSM – DUI – BESA coalition to introduce online voting, meant to disguise their narrow majority. A boycott of select sessions of Parliament from the opposition all but guarantees that the majority, which only has 62 votes out of 120, will be unable to muster the 61 votes necessary to begin a session.

The opposition will participate in the work of the Parilament when it is in the public interest. When it comes to the vital economic measures, to help the hospitality industry, the vulnerable categories of citizens and the like. But the opposition has no obligation to provide quorum for the very narrow majority. The ruling coalition itself decided to govern with the majority they have, such as it is. And the opposition will use political resources that are at its disposal to block laws and decisions that are harmful for the citizens, Mucunski said.

VMRO, AA, Alternative and Levica jointly submitted several thousand amendments to the proposal from SDSM to introduce online voting in the Parliament. The proposal is clearly contrary to the Constitution but SDSM and its coalition partners hoped it will help them adopt their agenda by having their representatives who are sick or in isolation vote via the internet.