Georgi Ilievski, an Education Ministry inspector who made a name for himself by investigating fake credentials claimed by powerful members of the DUI party, is now demanding an investigation into the SDSM party official Muhamed Zekiri.

The head of the Albanian wing in SDSM, who is fast becoming the most trusted ally to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, was named as Secretary General of the Government. Zaev also considered Zekiri for other, even more powerful and lucrative posts that go only to his top cronies, like head of the FZOM public healthcare fund, but gave up on the idea because Zekiri lacked the necessary education certification.

Ilievski says that even the education degree Zekiri claims to have may be fake. He completed elementary school in Skopje and then enrolled in the Kondovo madrassa “Isa Beg”. After that, Zekiri enrolled at the South East Europe University in Tetovo and completed a journalism degree.

But according to Ilievski, madrassa students are considered ineligible to enroll into a university other than an islamic university. And even if Zekiri was allowed to enroll at the SEE University, it was only founded in 2000, and wasn’t built until March 2001 – and Zekiri claims to have finished his journalism studies there in 2001.

The university only began enrolling students in 2002, Ilievski says. He questioned the university and was told that Zekiri actually enrolled in 2008 and completed the studies in 2012, but that is not what Zekiri says in his CV.