The former prime minister and current leader of SDSM Zoran Zaev has changed his mind again and has denied his own statement over the renaming of the schools in Cair.

Yesterday he said the decision to change the names of the two primary schools in Skopje’s Cair municipality from “Nikola Vapcarov” to “Imri Elezi” and “Rajko Zinzifov” to “Ismail Qemali” was unlawful and that it should be withdrawn.

That decision should be withdrawn. The state authorities should check the validity of the registration of the new names of the two primary schools. In my opinion, that decision is unlawful, Zaev said.

But today Zaev has a different opinion. As a leader of, as he said not a Macedonian political party but a multiethnic one, today he stated a new position, saying that the decision was quite lawful.

Yesterday and today we checked all aspects of the procedure of renaming the primary schools in Cair. After a thorough analysis, legal teams found and informed me that the name change was in accordance with Article 26 of the Law on Primary Education. After the school board made a decision to change the statute of the school which changed the name of the school and added the constitutional name of the state, it was confirmed by the Council of Cair Municipality. The Badinter majority was not necessary. Accountability to citizens also involves thorough fact-checking and prevention of any attempts to gain political points based on inter-ethnic relations in our country. Our responsibility is to follow the letter of the law, there is and there should be no room for spreading nationalism and divisions. SDSM is a party that leads the concept of one society for all that is guided exclusively by the letter of the law, said Zaev.