NATO has provided four ventilators worth about EUR 100,000 via the Pandemic Response Trust Fund, donated by SlovakAid.

The handover of the donation at the Skopje International Airport was attended by Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov in the capacity of National Coordinator for Foreign Aid in the country and the Minister of Health Venko Filipce.

Slovakia and Macedonia have excellent relations. We support your commitment to join the European Union. Congratulations on the reforms you have made so far in order to find your place in the EU. There is still a long way to go. I come at a difficult time for humanity, at a time when we are all facing the Covid-19 pandemic and it is at this time when we are all facing the loss of many lives that we need to prove our friendship. Slovakia is also facing a difficult period, but in addition to helping our citizens, we are here to help others and that is why we are donating medical ventilators via NATO’s Pandemic Response Trust Fund, Korčok said.

Dimitrov and Filipce expressed their gratitude for the generous donation, hoping that that cooperation between Macedonia and Slovakia will continue in many areas.

We are grateful that Bratislava sided with European principles in December, in terms of the European perspective of the entire Western Balkans, Dimitrov said, adding this is the third donation coming from Slovakia and it is good to have close friends.


Another big thank you. I believe that the cooperation will continue in this area, but also in many other areas between the two countries, said Filipce.