International law professor and former Macedonian Ambassador to the US Vasko Naumovski called on the public, especially those from the Zaev camp, to tone down their public displays of anger aimed at France, its President Emmanuel Macron and its Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier. Angry Zaev supporters demanded that Thimonier is kicked out of the country after a briefing during which he refused to indulge their rosy view of the situation in Macedonia.

These attacks toward France, toward President Macron, Ambassador Thimonier, they are in very poor taste. You can’t blame Thimonier if you are lacking in the necessary reforms, Naumovski said in a TV interview.

Naumovski adds that the SDSM Government clearly put all its eggs in one basked – that of opening the Euro – Atlantic processes at any cost necessary. “But it is difficult to sell yourselves as a success story before the EU if you haven’t done your homework”, adds Naumovski, who was also a Deputy Prime Minister charged precisely with the EU integration.

It’s wrong to believe that simply the change of our name is enough to move forward, given the serious objections raised by France, the Netherlands and other European countries. We now hear the Dutch Ambassador raise serious issues regarding the judiciary and the failure to hold a meeting with President Macron indicates that the issues France has with us are serious, says Naumovski.