Negotiations now! Leave Zaev and those around him, they are not Macedonia. Macedonia is this people, honest, hardworking people. This is the people who have shown their European values long before you and their place is there to get the deserved justice, VMRO-DPMNE leader said.

Today was supposed to be the third year, Mickoski continued, since Zaev celebrated receiving a date and the start of negotiations.

You probably remember that photo taken on a government plane. But for 4 years they did not move even an inch forward. And for 30 years, 30 long and hard years we  just make concessions. We changed the flag, the Constitution on several occasions, we received a verdict in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, then they convinced us that that was the price of geostrategy and the strength of the stronger, Zaev changed the constitutional name and changed the Constitution again. He signed an agreement with Bulgaria, which he called a good neighborly agreement, and boasted that he had closed all open issues. And what did we get?

Now, instead of starting negotiations, the condition is to admit that before 1944 we were Bulgarians, that our language was Bulgarian, that all those Ilinden people who shed Macedonian blood for an independent country in the heart of the Balkans were not Macedonians, but Bulgarians, that is the new condition that we have to accept, said Mickoski in Prilep.