A recently created Youtube account posted several short, 10 seconds recordings, of what appears to be a conversation involving Jordan Orce Kamcev – the businessman who testified yesterday in the major Racket corruption case.

The conversations seems to be recorded in a restaurant, with background music, and the short segments contain no other voice. The voice of the man which can be heard, often with difficulty, says that he will meet with Vice – Zoran Zaev’s brother – to come an understanding, or otherwise “both our and their side will bleed”. He says that he distanced himself from Saso Mijalkov – the former head of the UBK intelligence agency, that he may release materials from Bulgaria, “like Kim Jong-un” – an allusion to rockets being fired – which can cause a mess in Macedonia. He seems to warn the other person in the conversation that he may bring down the Zaev regime and that “Mickoski could come” – an allusion to a VMRO-DPMNE election win – which will be bad for the interlocutor. The man, who sounds like Kamcev and speaks in a similar style, also says that he wants to be left alone, as he faces the prospect of going to prison.

The brief excerpts are followed by lengthy periods of silence in each of the recordings. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska was asked about the recordings and said that they are not part of the cache of tapes she has submitted as evidence in the Racket trial in which former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva is charged with extorting money from Kamcev..