According to the initial census results, the Covid death rate in the country rose to 3,659 deaths per million inhabitants, while according to the old data of the worldmeter website, Macedonia had 3,218 deaths per million inhabitants, “Telma” analyzes. With this “census” increase, Macedonia, which already ranked high on the mortality rate list, or rather was third in the world and second in Europe, has now climbed one place higher and is first in Europe after getting the spot from BiH which has 3,267 deaths per million inhabitants.

Worldwide, Peru remains at the top with 5,946 deaths per million inhabitants, and the total death toll is 199,485 people.

With a total of 1,832,696 people counted in the 2021 census, the country now has a higher percentage of infections instead of the current 9.23% of the population. The current 192,478 patients, according to new census data, are actually 10.5% of the population. Thus, Macedonia from the 44th place in the world according to the worldmeter website, went up to the 33rd position in terms of the number of infections per million inhabitants.

The worldmeter website used the data that there are 2,083,267 citizens in Macedonia.