The Plusinfo announced it will publish new details about the Racket 2 scandal, and accused Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of trying to cover up this corruption investigation.

In the scandal, two top public healthcare officials from the Zaev regime – FZO fund manager Den Doncev and Minister Venko Filipce, are accused of extorting money from the dialysis provided Diamed, trying to prevent its sale to a Swedish company, and eventually claiming half of the 11.5 million EUR sale.

Why is Prime Minister Zaev publicly exerting pressure into the Racket 2 investigation? Why is he announcing how it will eventually end? Were regular monthly payments made and why was the Diamed owner threatened with a “dark outcome”? Zaev defends Den Doncev in similar terms as he defended Katica Janeva over the initial Racket, wrote journalist Branko Geroski, who left his place as one of the top supporters of Zaev to begin publishing details about high level corruption in his Government.

Geroski announced he will publish the latest revelations this afternoon.