Fatmir Besimi, who is in charge of European Integration, buys clothes for Kicevo mayor Fatmir Dehari with money from the EU’s IPA funds, El Cheka lastest “bomb” reveals, Vecer reports.

42 do you have the shirts? – 42 slim field, I remembered – Today I’m wearing Taft – Yes – I do not have it with me, the black shirt …. … they are talking about combining a lilac shirt with a brown suit and a tie that should be in a contrasting color, as well as for shopping from the “Boss” brand.

Shirts 42 slim field, shoes 43, 52 slim field trousers. We are 12 years together, Dehari says to Besimi.

Besimi responds: Wait a minute, I will put the shirts and the ties on projects from IPA funds, and we will provide these suits and shoes from IPA Funds, says Fatmir Besimi to Fatmir Dehari.