Following the decision of the DUI led coalition to support a change in the law on the Government, that allowed VMRO-DPMNE to reorganize the ministries ahead of the vote for the Mickoski Government, another possible change to a systemic law is in the works. VMRO-DPMNE wants to change the local administration law, to allow replacement of mayors who have a short time of their term left, without holding of early mayoral elections.

This would allow several VMRO and VLEN officials to be named to the Government, without prompting early elections. VMRO is supposed to name the members of the Government today, but it’s widely believed that Mickoski wants to include Aerodrom Mayor Timco Mucunski and Gostivar Mayor Arben Taravari.

On one hand, DUI would like a chance to test VLEN in Gostivar as soon as possible. But on the other, a number of members of Parliament elected on the DUI ticket, joined VMRO-DPMNE in the vote for the Government reorganization law, even though DUI was strongly critical of the VMRO decision to bring VLEN on as its main Albanian coalition partner. Because of the shakiness of the DUI coalition, it’s possible that the party could decide to support this second change, that will require a two-thirds majority in Parliament, in order to disguise divisions in its own ranks. SDSM also hasn’t said whether they will support this expected change.