The insulin affair was acknowledged by the Ministry of Health. Now the public will learn the whole truth. When the ministry does not want to submit all the documentation for this scandalous insulin destruction long before its expiration date, we will point out the facts, reacts Marija Andonovska from VMRO-DPMNE.

Part of the insulin, which was destroyed on 5/12/2019, was good for until 6 and 7 months by 2020. By the way, this insulin was produced by one of the most renowned companies NOVO NORDISK from Denmark and this company stands as a guarantee of product quality. If this company produces poor quality medicines of questionable origin, according to the Ministry of Health, then we do not know which company produces better quality insulin!, Andonovska said.

She accused the Ministry of Health of being involved in the scandal even more.

The Ministry of Health and Filipce are caught in a lie. The documents show doubt that healthy insulin is being destroyed, so that there will be a new tender for a company close to the government. This insulin could have ended up with patients, but ended up being destroyed. Who will bear the responsibility for such a procedure? We are looking for urgent answers. We call on the authorities to immediately investigate this scandal and indications of serious crime exceeding one million euros, Andonovska said.