VMRO-DPMNE group in Parliament will file non-confidence motion against Talat Xhaferi next week, but the leader of the opposition party Hristijan Mickoski does not expect it to be passed in Parliament.

I hope that they will not bypass the procedures in the Parliament again and will put the item on the agenda and we will be able to talk a little more openly about what happened that day when the employees of the Parliament were brutally insulted. We have no illusion that it will pass because there are 61 government’s henchmen who will defend Xhaferi because of their personal privileges, but it is good to see how SDSM and the smaller coalition partners are struggling over the law on one constituency, and here it is already May, Mickoski said at a press conference on Saturday.

Regrading the protest announced for June 18, he expects political and social support from all those who, as he said, think that this government of SDSM and DUI is leading the country in the wrong direction.