Since the SDSM and DUI government is in power, the Bulgarian demands are continuously growing and they are unfortunately being accepted by this government, hoping that way they will stay in power one more day, and unfortunately they are only continuing the crime that is happening, said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski, in an interview with TV Kanal 5.

Nikoloski emphasized that what we see from the Bulgarian side is that there is no end to their demands, it is a 150-year-old strategy, which is very clear, and that is that Bulgaria thinks that it is only by chance that it borders a people same as Bulgarian and with people who speaks a language that is a dialect of the Bulgarian language.

That is, Bulgaria believes that it borders itself. In such conditions, to have such naivety in Macedonian diplomacy indicates either a desire for power or total amateurism. The government said that the Protocol will not be part of the negotiating framework, although it clearly states that the protocol is part of the negotiating framework. In it there are over 20 foreign commitments for Macedonia. Bulgaria will have its own interpretation of those obligations from the Protocol signed by Bujar Osmani, and now they have every right to demand implementation in their own way, said Nikoloski.

He emphasized that we will see requests to change history and geography textbooks, requests to change inscriptions and plaques in front of monuments, pressure to change curricula and to characterize the Macedonian people as a people without history, and the Macedonian language as a Bulgarian dialect and that we do not see what Bulgaria has committed to do.