Aleksandar Nikoloski, Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE during his visit to Prilep today spoke about the announced increase in electricity prices announced by the government and reminded that VMRO-DPMNE had long ago warned that the price of electricity would rise and this increase is only due to wasteful work of Kovacevski and Zaev, ie 1 million megawatt hours less electricity has produced in two years.

Regarding the increase in the price of electricity, the responsibility of the government is the fact that the price of electricity has increased and will continue to increase. Do you remember that in 2020, when there was no crisis related to the war in Ukraine, we talked about the fact that the electricity will become more expensive because electricity production in the largest facilities, I mean REK Bitola, which is in the neighborhood of Bitola and Prilep, was poorly managed. I want to share a number with the public, only in the period 2019-2021, meaning in two years ESM led by Vasko Kovacevski and Zoran Zaev as partners there has produced 1 million megawatt hours less electricity, less than 1 million megawatt hours were produced in just two years. On the world stock exchanges, one megawatt hour is 250 euros, which means that Macedonia in just two years, for the import of electricity that it could but failed to produce at home has spent 250 million euros, money from all of us, because that money comes from the citizens and the reason for the increase in electricity prices is exclusively due to the incompetence where one million megawatt hours are missing or translated into money 250 million euros. Just for illustration, 250 million euros costs a highway from Gradsko to Bitola, 250 million euros are missing from the budget, that is why electricity is more expensive, he said.