In a TV interview, VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski said that the stream of reports about corruption in the current Government are one of the reasons Macedonia was denied its request to open EU accession talks again.

The Government is aware of this, but is hiding it from the public. A number of countries have prepared their own progress reports about Macedonia and they are different from the report published by the European Commission. These reports were given to the Government which was asked to make certain improvements, but you see the result, Nikoloski said.

On Tuesday, Macedonia was denied in its request to open EU accession talks and the discussion was postponed for October.

The Government knew in March that it won’t be given a June date to open EU accession talks, Nikoloski said, adding that Zaev was advised to lower expectations.

Zaev responded with an attempt to scaremonger with his threat to resign and allow the right to take over in Macedonia. In the end, half a dozen countries opposed the opening of accession talks.

Initially we were told that only France is making problems, but we see that Germany is also a problem. This prompted tirades against the German Chancellor, who is being accused of making decisions on a whim. You can look at the matter as long as you want, but it all boils down to one sentence – the Government is not delivering, Nikoloski said during his Telma TV interview.