VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski strongly condemned professor Denko Maleski, former Foreign Affairs Minister from the SDSM ranks, for his claim that Macedonia has no medieval history and is a nation formed by the circumstance of geo-politics. Under the Prespa Treaty, Macedonia was forced to renounce its history from the ancient period, and this prompted demands from Bulgaria that the entire history of the medieval period is declared Bulgarian heritage.

Maleski, once an outspoken pro-Serbian politician who denounced Macedonia’s independence even while serving as its first Foreign Minister, has recently become a popular commentator in Bulgaria and currently espouses their positions.

Macedonia has a medieval past and the Macedonian nation and state are the result of centuries of struggle of the Macedonian people – a struggle that was forcefully emphasized during the 19 and 20 century to remove the Ottoman yoke, through nearly non-stop 30 years of warfare in the Balkan Wars and the World Wars, crowned by the ASNOM assembly. The struggle continued against Communism until the referendum on September 8th 1991 and the creation of the independent Republic of Macedonia. There is a clear historic and political continuity of the Macedonian nation and a clear goal to create a Macedonian state. Maleski knows this. Why he denies it is up to him. He will not succeed to undermine the foundations of Macedonia, Nikoloski said.