Regarding the census law, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski told TV Alfa that he expects more than 150,000 citizens to sign against the law, which it will be an introduction to the overthrow of this government, as well as proposing a new law on the necessary census that will be realistic and in the interest of the citizens.

We were brought to a situation either not to allow the Macedonian people and those living in Macedonia to sign against this census law and thus express a clear will or to do it this way, why, because Talat Xhaferi decided not to accept our initiative, and he decided not to accept it because he is forcing us to accept the Republic of “North” Macedonia as the name of this country, which we do not want to accept, we could go against Talat Xhaferi and not allow people to be counted or the second is to accept the Republic of “North” Macedonia as the official name of this country, which we will never do, Nikoloski explained.

He says that for these reasons it was decided to have an initiative for the citizens to sign in 27 Macedonian towns and villages, and after that VMRO-DPMNE MPs to submit the law, because the force whether the law is submitted by 10,000 citizens or VMRODPMNE MPs from a formal aspect is the same, but it is not the same as how many citizens will stand behind that initiative.