Regarding Bulgaria, we clearly stated that there will be no changes to the Constitution under Bulgarian diktate, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in a Kanal 5 TV interview.

Our positions are for Bulgaria to implement its obligations before the European Court of Human Rights, implements its verdicts and that we must have guarantees that there will be no additional vetoes, Nikoloski said, adding that the best guarantee on the last issue is for the constitutional changes that Bulgaria requires from Macedonia to be implemented only at the end of Macedonia’s EU accession process.

Nikoloski believes that the European Union can ensure that these conditions are met. “If the EU believes that Macedonia should begin the accession talks and become a member, it has a lot of mechanisms it can use to get Bulgaria to withdraw its veto. But if it believes that we should not begin the talks, that we will not begin them and we will develop our country independently”.