In conditions when there are 115 new cases in three days, it is irresponsible to talk about elections, emphasizes the Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski. He says that he knows that this is a narrative that SDSM wants to talk about because they hope for low turnout and thus reduce the defeat, but that it is irresponsible behavior.

We must not allow elections that will mean lost human lives. If in such a situation we have such numbers, we can only imagine what the numbers will be when all election activities begin, Nikoloski analyzes.

He adds that in Macedonia there are about 3,000 polling stations and there are on average ten people per polling station. That’s 30,000 people, and how can you convince so many people to come to go to the polling stations and have contact with 500-600 people when they see these numbers.