You can hardly find a criminal in the region, and even in European and global frames, who has not met with Zoran Zaev or is somehow linked with him, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski. Earlier this week Zaev’s cabinet was busy denying comments from Turkish mobster Sedat Peker that he met with Zaev in his home in Skopje.

Peker was welcomed by the Zaev regime, given audience with members of Parliament and businessmen close to the ruling SDSM party, and a fake Macedonian identity card, before he was eventually deported from the country early this year. In a video statement, Peker said that he met with “the leader of that country in his home” while he was in Skopje.

Instead of being Prime Minister to Macedonia, Zaev is the best friend of the criminals in Macedonia and from across the world. It’s no coincidence that criminals like this person chose Macedonia from all other destinations in Europe. Nobody believes that he came to the Skopje airport by accident. Of course he had an arrangement with Zoran Zaev who provided the logistics for this stay, Nikoloski said.

The opposition party recently revealed the extent of the so-called “mafia passports” scandal, where it was revealed that criminals like Peker, money launderers for the Italian mafia, Serbian hitmen and ISIS commanders were given fake passports by the Zaev regime.