Early elections are needed for at least two reasons, one is the national devastation and the second is the economic sinking that is happening to Macedonia. Macedonia is humiliated nationally, especially the Macedonian people, and it is sinking economically every day, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski told Kanal 5 TV, calling on all citizens to join tonight’s protest to overthrow the non national government of SDSM and DUI.

Nikoloski stressed that the standard of living is deteriorating, prices are rising, wages remain the same for those who can receive them, unfortunately many cannot get the salary, these are two main reasons why the party calls on all citizens to join the protest.

We expect tens of thousands of people to stand tonight side by side with us, tens of thousands have already left for Skopje, from Debar to Delcevo, from Ohrid and Gevgelija to Kumanovo, there will be great support from Skopje. I call on everyone to join us to put an end to national humiliation and economic devastation, Nikoloski said.

Nikoloski stressed that better days cancome, a competent and above all honest government led by VMRO-DPMNE can oppose attempts to nationally erase the Macedonian people and can bring better economic policy and a better standard of living than what is happening now.