Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski had a debate on TV 24 on Wednesday. They faced off their views on what is happening in Macedonia, whether we will get a date for EU negotiations, corruption scandals, talks on PPO law.

No day passes without some corruption scandal, Nikoloski said, adding that a serious part of the people at the SDSM leadership think that because they changed the name, the international community will allow them to do what they want to do.

According to Dimitrov, there is an explosion of lies in the public. He said the media is now free. Macedonia’s foreign minister said it was good that the Racket affair had been opened, and that all those involved in the “bombs” should be held accountable.

Nikoloski pointed to Dimitrov with examples that the media are not free, and this is especially indicated by the fact that two journalists were summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office for the scandal involving Secretary General of the Government Dragi Raskoski. He stressed that the prosecution had not responded adequately when the “Racket” affair was first released in the public.

He also pointed out that the problem in the talks on PPO law is that Zoran Zaev demands that the new public prosecutor on the opposition’s proposal not be able to investigate cases that have been opened so far. Nikoloski explained that this means that the “Racket” case will not be able to be investigated by the new prosecutor, adding that Zoran Zaev is practically looking an amnesty for him and the people around him in relation to the “Racket” case.