Macedonia needs a broad Government of experts, supported by all main political parties, to come out of the coronavirus and economic crises and from the problem with Bulgaria, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski. He added that members of Parliament from the slim ruling coalition led by SDSM are seriously considering leaving it and joining a new majority.

Wise countries recruit all the best people they can rely on at times of major crises. This now is the biggest crisis in Macedonia since our independence. We need to create common positions and be led by competent people, regardless of their political affiliation. We call for a Government of national salvation that will fight with the economic and healthcare consequences of the coronavirus crisis, and will also push back against the national humiliations dished out by Bulgaria, while opening a path to EU integration for Macedonia. Only the most competent and able can do so, with a broad societal support, and that is something the Zaev Government doesn’t have, Nikoloski said during an interview with Alfa TV.