The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski said Tuesday in an interview with Radio “Lider” that with the “Racket” case it is more than clear that the whole system is rotting in corruption and corruption in the country exists from the lowest to the highest level.

The “Racket” case showed that only the sky is the limit for corruption in Macedonia that strongly destroys the foundations of the state of moral values and system because any counter employee tells himself why not to ask coming clients for 100 grams of coffee when the Prime Minister of the country can ask for millions and we see that the whole system in Macedonia is rotting in corruption. Corruption exists from the lowest to the highest level and Macedonia unfortunately rots in corruption, said Nikoloski.

He also stressed that the “Racket” case is a clear consequence of the huge increase in corruption in the country and added that such a situation can only be resolved with clear political will, ie that criminals must be held accountable.