In an interview with TV Alfa regarding the robbery in the healthcare and the inappropriate minister who does not want to resign, the Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE and MP, Aleksandar Nikoloski said that Filipce signed two contracts this summer with two pharmaceutical distributors in the amount of 30 million euros, which speaks of the robbery in the healthcare, and for comparison in Serbia for the same amount an entire Clinical Center was constructed.

Nikoloski stressed that only these two contracts are sufficient evidence for the robbery that is happening to the Macedonian health care in times of corona crisis and in times when patients buy their own medicines, spend thousands of euros in private hospitals, and those who do not have money are being hospitalized in modular hospitals that are inadequate and that burn in two minutes, because the company of Koco Angjusev, the former Deputy Prime Minister, made them inadequate.

In Serbia, they built a Clinical Center for the whole of southern Serbia for 35 million euros, and in Macedonia only two contracts, which we do not see in any way in healthcare, are worth 30 million euros, which clearly shows what the intentions are, I expect from the Minister of Health who does not resign to explain to the public how exactly with these two pharmaceutical distributors during the summer he decided to sign such agreements, criticized Nikoloski.