If the Ilinden people conquered inch by inch, both in 1903 and 1944 they painstakingly created a state. We see that that country is rapidly collapsing. Ilinden and Asnom Macedonia is collapsing. The ideals of all those who gave their lives for an independent and united Macedonia are being destroyed. The ideals of generations who dreamed of a Macedonian state, with the Macedonian language as its official language, with Macedonian culture, with Macedonian tradition and history, with Macedonian roots dating back centuries ago, are being destroyed, the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski said in Krusevo.


SDSM and DUI destroy these foundations and destroy these roots.

But from here in Krusevo I want to say that Macedonia and the Macedonian people are much stronger. And no agreements, no concessions will in any way change the essence of the Macedonian national struggle.

The Ilinden uprising is Macedonian, and that is clear and everyone knows it, the whole world knows it. It was, is and will remain Macedonian!

I would also like to address another topic, you see we are here, but unfortunately SDSM failed to overcome itself, they brought here exclusively party activists who have been brought by buses since early in the morning with the order to spoil the event and everyone who is not a member of SDSM, including numerous members of VMRO-DPMNE, is forbidden to access here, which we were informed about before the beginning at this event. In fact, certain people who were part of this delegation of ours have been forbidden to access here, I don’t know what they are afraid of, they are probably afraid of the people, and they probably realize that even with party activists they failed to fill Meckin Kamen , because Mechkin Kamen can be filled only and exclusively with Macedonian people who come with an honest thought and not under a political order, said Nikoloski.

In this way, they show once again that they are an anti-state party and a party that has no contact with its own people and that runs away from the people.