Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski today put together a PR campaign in which he is claiming that he was conducting an investigation into the corrupt Interior Ministry officials that are enabling regional drug lords for years, but that VMRO-DPMNE obstructed it. Spasovski even claimed that one of the officers that was arrested was in contact with VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski, who said that whistleblowers within the Ministry were warning the opposition party that Spasovski is enabling the issuing of passports to major regional criminals.

The Interior Ministry issued the documents to these mobsters and never issued an arrest warrant after them. Now they are going after the small fish and trying to protect the main players. The reason for this is that the mafia is operating from the top of the Government, Nikoloski said.

Nikoloski also denied the spin that Mickoski was in contact with a police official who was arrested yesterday. “The only person who is involved in the issuing of passports that Mickoski has been in contact with is possibly Zoran Zaev”, Nikoloski said.