In my opinion, this is the most intense conflict in the secret services in Macedonia since independence until today, it does not receive adequate media attention, which I think is primarily due to the fact that there is an inflation of bad news in the public, primarily in the economic part. If the conditions in the country were more normal, this would be the number one topic, incomparable to anything previously seen in the intelligence community, i.e. in the secret services, and it is a direct clash between two criminal wings within the SDSM, which are fighting each other for supremacy in the ANB, i.e. the former UBK. Why do they fight for supremacy? So that they can protect them now while they are in power and cover their criminal tracks, that’s how SDSM’s cadre, Viktor Dimovski, who was proposed by SDSM and became the director of ANB, and now SDSM’s proposal for ambassador to France, that is, in Paris, to propose a person for the position of director of internal control, who is the second most powerful person in the NSA. According to the law, that proposal should go before the relevant parliamentary committee and the relevant parliamentary committee should give or not give permission, of course, after discussing the proposal, said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski.

Nikoloski emphasized that what is happening in the National Security Agency clearly shows that there is an open battle between two criminal wings in the government. – It happened that the MPs from SDSM boycotted the committee, that is, they did not appear at all and did not come to the hearing, which only shows what their position is regarding the proposal and clearly outlines two wings who have what in the intelligence community close to each other structures within of the government and at the moment there is an open battle within the government for the successor of Viktor Dimovski, that is, for the director of the NSA.

There is also another question that arises, why for 14 months this position in the National Security Agency was empty, it was not filled, and why a proposal is being made now, and how has the National Security Agency functioned without proper internal control, but the question arises, where does this energy come to cause a clash in the intelligence world inside the government and why the National Security Agency is so attractive and the answer is only one, that there is a serious intention to abuse the work of the National Security Agency, said Nikoloski.

Vice President Nikoloski also pointed out that instead of the National Security Agency being operated by the government, it is being misused to track people from VMRO-DPMNE.

All this is misused to monitor VMRO-DPMNE. I have announced in previous periods that I and the party president, Hristijan Mickoski, and several other people have been subjected to illegal physical surveillance, our phones are continuously tapped, it is divided into several institutions. Instead of the National Security Agency working to prevent Greek or Bulgarian influence in Macedonia, which is their job, or to prevent the emergence of radical terrorism, they deal with the opposition and deal with how to break up VMRO-DPMNE, but they didn’t, nor will they succeed, he added.