At the end of the election campaign, here in Radovis I would like to call on all citizens on Sunday to go to the polls and vote for number 7 and the new mayor who will lead the city of Radovis, Aco Ristov, said Aleksandar Nikoloski, vice president of VMRO -DPMNE.

He expressed the opinion that the almost month-long campaign showed that VMRO-DPMNE has the best concept and the best program for Radovis.

After a certain change of the government that will happen from Monday due to the convincing victory of VMRO-DPMNE in a cooperation of the central and local government, we will jointly implement numerous projects. That is why we need a big, mass and referendum turnout on October 31, for all citizens to go to the polls and have one big and convincing victory. The goal of the outgoing government is for the citizens to stay at home, to be intimidated and demotivated by the black campaign they are running. I call on them not to succumb to pressure, threats or blackmail, and if there are any, to report them because the competent institutions will act and also not to succumb to the black campaign. Much better days are coming for Macedonia, together we will create a new future with the projects that are in our program and which we will implement, as I have already mentioned, with a cooperation with the central and local government, said Nikoloski.