In an interview with Republika, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski announced that members of Parliament who are part of the SDSM led majority are in talks with VMRO to bring down the Zaev Government and support a VMRO led one. SDSM has only a two majority in Parliament, and faces a major internal faction after Zoran Zaev announced his readiness to surrender to Bulgaria on all historic and national identity issues raised by that country. Smaller coalition partners who prop up Zaev have also voiced their serious concerns.

At the moment several members of the ruling majority are in active negotiations with us to bring down the Zaev Government. They are not happy with the national betrayal that is going on, they can’t just let it be. They are dissatisfied with the crisis we are in and the betrayed coalition promises. They have their voters who support them and I encourage them, Nikoloski told Republika.