In Macedonia we have a ruling family that orders which businesses succeed and which fail, and that orders people’s cars to be set on fire, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in Prilep, after the revelations in today’s leaked audio tape.

We need a massive turnout on July 15 to do away with these bandits. We need to determine the future course of Macedonia together, Nikoloski said.

Nikoloski has frequently clashed with the Zaev family and was taken to court by Vice Zaev, the star of the latest leak, after asking how did the businesses he and his brother Zoran Zaev run experience such a huge boost in revenue after the family grabbed power in Macedonia. Speaking to the people of Prilep, Nikoloski said that SDSM humiliated Macedonia with the national concessions it imposed on the country, and caused an economic devastation.