Speaking on the morning news program on Alfa TV, the Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski, said that the “Sik Jelak” case is a mega scandal of unprecedented proportions for which there must be accountability.

It is a mega-scandal, just one day after the formation of the Government, the first thing the old/new coalition of lies / crime of SDSM / DUI did was passing the detailed urban plan in Tetovo, which will bring the investor a profit of incredible, fantastic, unimaginable for any citizen – 200 million euros, said Nikoloski, adding that the audio leaks ahead of the elections revealed that the controversial Montenegrin businessman Daka Davidovic paid 300,000 euros bribe to get the job done.

Nikoloski pointed out that the second thing that is disputable is that the decision in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, without whose permission no plan can be voted in any municipality, was issued in just seven days.

So, at a time when every citizen waits for a simple document for at least a month, the detailed urban plan that envisages 2,000 new buildings with 8,000 new inhabitants that will create an urban jungle in Tetovo and completely destroy the city is issued in just seven days.

And the third extremely controversial thing is to whom the government of SDSM / DUI, this coalition of lies gives such multi-million businesses.I It gives to the main player of the region, who is against peace and stability in the region. Against the strategic orientation of the region – the Euro-Atlantic orientation, against the membership of all these countries in the region in NATO and the EU, Nikoloski said.