VMRO-DPMNE Deputy President Aleksandar Nikoloski accused the outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of knowing full well that a nationalist Albanian event will take place in the Macedonian National Theater. Zaev today claimed he had no idea that the newly rebuilt theater will open its doors for the notorious Shverceri football fans, who rampaged through the building on Friday evening.

The police was informed about this. There were 150 riot officers and 30 Alfa unit members near the theater to prevent incidents. Why didn’t they react when the incidents began? A week before the event it was announced on the Facebook page of the group. And now nobody is being charged over the damage that was caused, neither Artan Grubi nor his supporters. Why is there no investigation. Zoran Zaev has the highest level of responsibility for this scandal, during which nationalist messages were chanted. What kind of a Prime Minister doesn’t respond when that happens?, Nikoloski said during a TV appearance.

Zaev was present at the theater during an event to celebrate the Albanian alphabeth, before the incidents began in full. A number of institutions today, starting with Zaev, claimed they had no idea what was happening later and couldn’t stop the riot in the prestigious institution once it began.