The Covid-19 situation is alarming, and the government is moving toward healthcare collapse. Today, the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, boldly, recklessly and irresponsibly, shifts the blame onto the citizens, or onto the Ministry of Interior, the same one who together with the government was convincing us that the situation is under control, that the peak is over and that the outbreak is defeated. They say they are keeping the clusters under control while today’s data shows that the situation is completely out of control.The citizens are not blame but the government for not protecting the health of the citizens and taking odd measures, Igor Nikolov, member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE said at Friday’s press conference.

We have a total fiasco of Spasovski’s government, and Filipce, which the citizens pay with their lives. Citizens are left to fend for themselves, because they have to take care of their own health because of their measures. In three days we have 10 deaths, 115 new cases, of which only today are 52. Macedonia in terms of the number of cases becomes an isolated case that is at the top for failure. VMRO-DPMNE demands responsibility and calls for dismissal of the members of the Commission on Infectious Diseases and urgent formation of a new team of experts and beyond party staffers that will not succumb to political influences and will adopt an urgent set of measures to protect the health of citizens, said Nikolov.