Deputy PM for the fight against corruption and crime, sustainable development and human resources, Ljupco Nikolovski, met Wednesday in Brussels with James Mackey, Director of Security Policy and Partnerships at the NATO HQ, discussing prior cooperation and Macedonia’s contribution in the fulfillment of the Alliance missions and goals.

The meeting focused on the current cooperation and contribution of our country in fulfilling NATO missions and goals. At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Nikolovski explained the need to adopt the Anti-Corruption Plan and part of the measures in the Plan, with special emphasis on staffing and digitalization of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and investigation centers in the basic public prosecutor’s offices, digitalization of processes, online platform of cases, the National Register of Real Owners, the draft Law on the Origin of Property, as well as the handling of received complaints from citizens for suspicious corruption cases.

The Director of Security Policy and Partnerships at the NATO HQ welcomed the adoption of the government’s Anti-Corruption Plan and the measures undertaken, saying they are a good basis for future government policies in the area of increased transparency and the rule of law.