Today’s attempt for court assessment of the indictment against the organizers of the “bloody Thursday” also failed. The defense is seeking one of the judges to be taken off the because she has handled other cases related to April 27, as well as the case to be taken by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, as there are no conditions for a fair trial in Macedonia.

We believe that given the way these proceedings are conducted and the fact that a criminal offense is imposed that is political and organizationally related to people who have nothing to do with the organization of the crime, we believe that only the International Court of Justice can render a fair verdict for this event, said lawyer Jovan Apostolski.

According to the court, the request for exclusion of a judge is unfounded.

Instead of elaborating on the complaints, the defense filed a motion to exclude a judge-member of the assessment chamber. After considering and assessing the motion, the President of the Court rejected the it as unfounded, reads the statement of the Skopje Criminal Court.

The next attempt to assess the indictment will be on December 23, so that the defense will have the opportunity to file an appeal to the Appeals Court.