Croatian media say they have received insight into the draft conclusion of the EU summit on Western Balkans, which begins in Slovenia. One of the questions at the summit, of course, is whether the countries of the Western Balkans have a chance to join the Union at all, which has been widely reported for days after a document emerged stating that Brussels has no intention of accepting almost anyone in its circles.

Earlier, there was information about a Slovenian proposal, according to which official Ljubljana wants to bring the Western Balkans into the EU by 2030 – as a deadline by which the countries in the status of negotiations with the EU should officially join the bloc.

As “Jutarnji List” writes, stating that it had an exclusive insight into the draft -conclusion, the text does not contain a date for the enlargement of the European Union.

According to the newspaper, EU leaders rejected Slovenia’s proposal for 2030, so “there is no date”, “Jutarnji list” reports, noting that the draft-conclusion is in fact a copy of a text published by Reuters on September 28, according to which the European Union can no longer guarantee future membership for the six countries of the Western Balkans. 

“Jutarnji list” reminds that the EU rejected a clear deadline for EU membership after the accession of Romania and Bulgaria, because the two countries, when their accession date was set in 2007, stopped almost all reforms.

The latest document begins with the usual phrase, how important is the Western Balkans, followed by the section on the conditions for EU membership, according to the new methodology. In other words, when we solve our problems, and there are some, only then can we talk about your entry,
“Jutarnji list” wrote.

Due to everything, the newspaper concludes, the Western Balkans is on its way to becoming an Eastern Partnership – Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus.