VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski informed Tuesday on Facebook about his visit to the municipalities Centar Zhupa and Rostushe.

I visited Centar Zhupa and Rostushe. There is a huge problem of people’s migration and hopelessness. Here people don’t buy the stories of Zaev and Pendarovski about some pink picture, pink reality, about some European future that they cannot take us to. One cannot go to Europe with pardoned criminals, with criminal innovation, with one euro for Viceto and one euro for the church. The everyday life of the people from these regions is very sad. And sadder is the future with the current people in power. The state is being destroyed and is facing mass migration. Therefore, one has to give hope, to bring justice, to overcome fear and to believe that Macedonia will succeed. And we will achieve this together, the leader of the opposition wrote on Facebook.