In the latest Shanghai Ranking list of the best world universities, 39 of the top 100 universities come from the United States.

First on the list is Harvard University and, except for two British ones – Cambridge University in fourth place and Oxford University in seventh place, the first 15 places on the list are held by US universities.

China has nine universities ranked in the top 100, Germany has four, and among the top 100 are also universities from France, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Australia, Canada…

The countries in the region have universities ranked in the first thousand of the list – in the ranking of universities between 301 and 400 place is the University of Athens, the universities in Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana are from ranked 401 to 500 place, and with a rank between 901 and 1000 place is the University of Novi Sad.

There is no ranked university from Macedonia on the list.