President Stevo Pendarovski said Wednesday the settlement of the Bulgaria dispute should not be rushed because when faced with a challenge of this caliber, rushing is not always the best ally, and instead be obsessed with key reforms at home.

He stressed that the theses that the prolonged status quo could allegedly cause security destabilization of the country do not hold water. And if this situation continues, Pendarovski emphasizes, we are not threatened by any security destabilization, regardless of the number of non-papers that some persistently release in public.

After our path to the EU was unjustly blocked, all of us, the whole nation, politicians in power and in opposition, in the last two years, except disappointed, have become obsessed with when the green light will be given to start negotiations in Brussels. The public is a witness that I am one of those who in the past decades has been consistent in the position that the bloc is the best option for us and honestly, I cannot wait for the day when we will open, and even more so the day when we close the accession negotiations. However, in the current context, when we know our red lines and publicly defend them, we should not be preoccupied with how long it will take for others to face the truth about us. Instead, we should be obsessed with key reforms at home on which the quality of life of our citizens depends, said Pendarovski in his annual address in Parliament.