The contract that Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov has signed with the company “Apolo Engineering” for renting snow-cleaning vehicles in Skopje from November 15 to March 15 for this and next winter amounts to 64.900.000,00 denars, show the documents that “Economski Lider” has obtained.

This amount includes only 40 hours of mechanization work per month, all of which is paid extra, and the amount can be increased several times.

Although there was no snowfall in the first two months of the contract, from November 15, 2019 to January 15, 2020, approximately 263,000 euros or about 16,225,000 denars was paid to the tender bid winner, although the company had no costs during that period.

If next winter weather conditions are like this one, “Apolo Engineering”, with whom Petre Silegov has a contract, will collect over 1,000,000 euros (64,900,000 denars), while having minimal costs.

Below is the contract that Silegov signed with this company:

The holder of the winter service in the City of Skopje is the public company “Streets and Roads”, established by the City of Skopje. This company has very old machinery, with snow removal trucks older than 40 years. With 64.9 million denars Silegov could invest in 10 completely new modern snow removal trucks for the public company “Streets and Roads”.

By comparison, the machinery used by the company that won the tender bid for snow cleaning in winter conditions is also old, most of the vehicles being over 15 years old, most of them brought from the UK, priced at no more than 30,000 euros for one vehicle. In translation, with the money it will get from this contract, Apolo Engineering could buy another 30 snow cleaning vehicles.