Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that the vaccinated patients who are treated from the coronavirus have received various vaccines, and there is not one type that dominates among these cases. In the latest large wave of the illness, about 13 percent of all hospitalized patients and 10 percent of all deceased from Covid-19 have come from the group of fully vaccinated citizens.

We are treating patients with all types of vaccines, with Pfizer, Sputnik, the Chinese vaccines. We have patients who received Moderna abroad. There is no difference in this regard, Filipce said, when asked if some of the vaccines have proven to be more reliable than others.

Filipce also said that the Pfizer vaccine will be made available for use as a booster shot, no matter what is the original vaccine the citizen received. The Minister said that it is recommended that the third, booster shots are given six months after the second dose, meaning that his process is still some months off.