VMRO-DPMNE expects no rule of law reforms or fight against corruption from the newly proposed SDSM – DUI Government, especially after Zoran Zaev’s foreign policy adviser Bojan Maricic was proposed as the next Justice Minister. VMRO official Stefan Andonovski says that Maricic was best known for promoting the imposed name change and falsely presenting the failed 2018 name change referendum as successful, but that he also faces serious nepotistic issues.

As part of the Colored Revolution Bojan Maricic protested for reforming the judiciary while his father was part of the Council of Prosecutors and was later promoted to a high level prosecutorial position. How can we expect him to fight nepotism and for the separation of the judiciary and the executive? How will he advance reforms in the judiciary when it was his wife who fast-tracked the approval of a scholarship of 40,000 EUR so that the daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov can study in the Netherlands?, Andonovski said.

According to Andonovski, the public can expect that staged and politically driven trials will continue into the next Zaev term, as will the selective pardoning and amnesties of defendants who agree to work for Zaev.