The parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “For the Renewal for Macedonia”, filed Monday a non-confidence motion against Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. This motion is a result of the chaos that is happening in the Parliament, and is under the direction of Xhaferi and as a result of the more frequent violation of the Rules of Procedure, as well as the arbitrariness that Xhaferi implements in the legislature, which seriously endangers the reputation of this institution, said Nikola Micevski, coordinator of the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia”.

In the work so far, ie non-work of Talat Xhaferi, as Parliament Spekaer, scandals and humiliations of MPs have occurred as never before, only because obviously Xhaferi definitely does not want or does not know how to run a democratic institution. We call on all MPs from this parliamentary composition to join the motion and together to put an end to this man who has appropriated this position and behaves as if he has the right to insult, disparage and lock MPs. We urge the MPs from SDSM and the majority that now is the moment when the party agreements should be put aside and they should stand in defense of, above all, human rights, and then in defense of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. Otherwise, if they do not support the motion, they will show that they not only justify Xhaferi’s behavior but that they are part of it, he said.

Micevski also called on Tala Xhaferi to put the motion on the agenda of the plenary session, and not as the previous one to hide it in a drawer and if he thinks he works responsibly to give arguments in front of the whole public, and if he escapes again and does not put it in the session he will let everyone know that he does not show a shred of responsibility to the office he holds.