We call on the Macedonian government, instead of banning the use of the name “Macedonia”, to support the free expression of Macedonian citizens, and to further encourage the use of the name “Macedonia” because it is our centuries-old inherited historical name. Any ban is unacceptable and will cause strong reactions among the Macedonian people, said the Central Council of Macedonians in Berlin, which represents the Macedonian community in Germany.

In a written reaction to “Plusinfo”, they react strongly to the information in the public that the names “Macedonia” or “Macedonian” are disputed during the registration of associations or companies in Macedonia, it is said.

The Constitution of Macedonia and the so-called “Prespa Agreement” does not stipulate ban. If this information is correct, we call on the injured parties to take all possible legal remedies within the Macedonian judicial system. That would mean a violation of basic human rights, at the same time the Constitution of Macedonia would be violated and it would go beyond the so-called “Prespa Agreement”.

Even the “Prespa Agreement” itself says that any trade association, civic association and other organizations that are not funded by the state, can freely use the name “Macedonia” or “Macedonian”. We wonder what is the reason that obviously someone wants to prevent the use of these names that lie in the heart of every Macedonian, both at home and in the diaspora?, reads the reaction of the Macedonians in Germany.